Two Women

Two women sat side by side,

In an Uber halted across the road

One clad in a saree light

One donned in a business suit.


One cradled a newborn tot

against the warmth of her bosom soft.

One checked her phone

as swift as light

her expressions terse

her eyes bored.

One saw a figure sculpted right

draped in expensive clothes.

The other saw

the bloom of motherhood,

strength of an invincible soul.

Each wondered if an epoch had been

created or eschewed.


in their insides rose.


One saw a selfless

labor of love

Sleepless nights of toil and work

One saw a persistent devotion,

to a hunt for identity.

to a point perceived


to be proven.


in their hearts rose.


Who is finer?

Who is fine?

an absolute summation,

hard to define.

A canal of love or

A window of dreams

A picturesque view

together might yield.


Who mattered?

Who mattered though is

hard to say.

One raised a child

that built what they call great

then why such division

why such  deride

a difference in paths

doesn’t always mean

a difference in destination.


One stopped forth a glass dwelling

Other stopped forth her home

still wondering in their hearts

if an epoch

had been created or

an epoch had been eschewed.